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101 definitions found for CA

CA(Air Traffic) Control Advises
CABromobenzyl Cyanide (tear gas, riot control agent)
CACable Assembly
CACapability Assessment (US Air Force)
CACarlisle (postcode, United Kingdom)
CACarrier Aircraft
CACatamarca (Argentina province, airline code)
CACatchment Area (wastewater operations)
CACertification Acceptance
CAChange Agreement
CAChange Authorization
CAChange of Address
CAChannel Attach
CAChemical Alarm
CAChief Advisor
CACitizen Act
CACivic Amenity (UK)
CACivil Administration
CACivil Affairs
CACivil Aviation
CAClassification and Audit
CAClimate Audit (website)
CAClosest Approach (satellites)
CACoal Authority (UK)
CACoast Artillery
CACollective Agreement
CACollocated Activities
CACombat Aircraft
CACombat Arms
CACombat Assault
CACombat Assessment
CACombat/Controller Amplifier
CACombined Arms
CACommand Archive
CACommand Assessment
CACommand Authority
CACommercial Activities
CACommercial Announcement
CACommercially Available
CACommittee of Adjustment (Canada)
CACommonwealth Act (Philippines)
CACommonwealth's Attorney
CACommunication Application
CACommunications Activities
CACompanies Act (India)
CACompetent Authority (EU Medical Devices Directive)
CACompetition Advocate
CAComplementary Access
CACompliance Assistance (labor law posters; Los Angeles, CA)
CACompulsory Acquisition
CAComputer Accuracy (aviation competition)
CAComunidad Autónoma (Spain)
CAConcrete Arch
CAConference Agenda
CAConflict Alert (Air Traffic Control)
CACongressional Add
CACongressional Audit
CAConjunction Analysis (satellite operations)
CAConsequence Assessment (chemical risk)
CAConstruction Administration (USACE)
CAConstruction Authorization
CAConstructionman Apprentice (US Navy)
CAConsular Affairs (US State Department)
CAContamination Area
CAContamination Avoidance
CAContingency Abort
CAContract Action
CAContract Administration
CAContract Administrator
CAContract Agent
CAContract Authority
CAContract Authorization
CAContract Award
CAContract/Criticality Analysis
CAContracting Activity
CAContracting Authorization
CAControl Access
CAControl Account
CAConvening Authority (US DoD)
CACooperating Agency
CACoordinating Authority
CACorrective Action
CACost Analysis
CACouncil of Administration (Universal Postal Union)
CACounter Air
CACounter Attack
CACountry Attaché
CACourt of Appeal
CACrewman's Associate
CACriticality Analysis
CACroatian Army
CACruiser-Armored (naval vessel)
CACurrent Awareness
CACustodial Acquisition
CADirectorate of Corporate Affairs (NIMA)
CAGun (or Heavy) Cruiser
CAGun Cruiser
CAOn-Call Pay (attendance code)

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