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27 definitions found for SIT

SITSafety Improvement Team (various locations)
SITSafety Injection Tank
SITSatellite Inspector Target
SITSelect in Test
SITShuttle Interface Test (US NASA)
SITSilicon Intensified Target
SITSite Improvement Team
SITSite Integration Test
SITSituation Reporting System
SITSlovenian Tolar (currency code)
SITSoftware/Hardware Integration
SITSpaceborne Infrared Tracker
SITSpacecraft Interface Test
SITSpecial Interest Target (US DoD)
SITSpecial Investigation Team (India)
SITSquadron Integration Training (US DoD)
SITState Income Tax
SITStationary Infantry Target (US Army training)
SITStock in Transit
SITSuper Intendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Guatemala Central America)
SITSuperintendecia de Telecomunicaciones (Guatemala Central America)
SITSurface Interval Time (SCUBA)
SITSystem Implementation Team (NASA)
SITSystem Integration Team
SITSystème d'Information Territorial (French: Territorial Information System)
SITSystème Intelligent de Transport (French: Intelligent Transpiration System; Canada)

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