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26 definitions found for C

CCell (phone; science)
CCopyright (usually written ©)
CTransport (US military aircraft designation for transport aircraft since 1962)
CCairo (Egyptian automobile license plate)
CCedi (currency of Ghana)
CCeiling Limit (weather reports)
CCircling (approach and landing charts)
CCliff (Stores 100 code)
CClock Mode (aviation)
CColon (currency of Costa Rica and El Salvador)
CCombined (US DoD)
CCourt of Chancery (UK)
CCreeping Line Pattern (US DoD)
CCulver Aircrfat Corporation (US Navy aircraft)
CCum (Latin: With, often seen with a bar over the c)
CCurrent (action code)
CFederal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
CIndividual (IRB)
CPrince Edward Island (Canada Post designation)
CUndenominated US Stamp (20 cents, introduced 1 Nov 1981)

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