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intratheater airlift
Airlift conducted within a theater. Assets assigned to a geographic combatant commander or attached to a subordinate joint force commander normally conduct intratheater airlift operations. Intratheater airlift provides air movement and delivery of personnel and equipment directly into objective areas through air landing, airdrop, extraction, or other delivery techniques as well as the air logistic support of all theater forces, including those engaged in combat operations, to meet specific theater objectives and requirements. During large-scale operations, US Transportation Command assets may be tasked to augment intratheater airlift operations, and may be temporarily attached to a joint force commander. Formerly referred to as theater airlift. See also intertheater airlift. (JP 3-17)


Source: US DoD Joint Publication 1-02, DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (as amended through 9 June 2004).


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