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Found 125 terms similar to support

acoustic warfare support measures
advance guard support
advanced logistic support site
afloat support
air logistic support
air logistic support operation
air support
air support operations center
air support request
antisubmarine air distant support
antisubmarine close air support
antisubmarine support operation
aviation life support equipment
beach support area
civil engineering support plan
close air support
close support
close support area
combat service support
combat service support area
combat service support element
combat service support elements
combat support
combat support elements
combat support troops
combat visual information support center
concept of logistic support
contracted logistic support
cooperative logistic support arrangements
corps support command
counterdrug nonoperational support
counterdrug operational support
counterdrug support office
counterintelligence support
decision support template
Defense Support Program
direct air support center
direct air support center (airborne)
direct support
direct support artillery
distant support area
DOD support to counterdrug operations
domestic support operations
electronic warfare support
external support contractors
fire support
fire support area
fire support coordinating measure
fire support coordination
fire support coordination center
fire support coordination line
fire support element
fire support group
fire support officer
fire support station
fire support team
floating base support
foreign nation support
general support
general support artillery
general support-reinforcing
Global Combat Support System
Global Decision Support System
Global Satellite Communications Support Center
health service logistic support
health service support
helicopter support team
host-nation support
host-nation support agreement
immediate air support
immediate nuclear support
in support
in support of
Integrated Consumable Item Support
integrated logistic support
interdepartmental or agency support
intermodal support equipment
international logistic support
inter-Service support
joint decision support tools
joint deployable intelligence support system
joint fire support
joint intelligence support element
landing force support party
life support equipment
logistic support
logistic support (medical)
mobile support group (naval)
mobility system support resources
multinational integrated logistic support
multinational integrated logistic support unit
multinational logistic support arrangement
mutual support
national intelligence support team
national support element
naval advanced logistic support site
naval gunfire support
naval support area
naval surface fire support
Navy support element
nuclear support
operational support airlift
port of support
port support activity
preplanned air support
preplanned nuclear support
psychological operations support element
regional satellite communications support center
religious support
religious support plan
religious support team
SIGINT direct support
SIGINT direct support unit
SIGINT support plans
space support
space support team
supply support activity
support items
support to counterinsurgency
support to insurgency
systems support contractors
tactical air support
tactical air support element
theater support contractors


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