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463L system
adverse weather aerial delivery system
aeromedical evacuation system
air traffic control and landing system
aircraft arresting system
aircraft control and warning system
airspace control system
amphibious assault bulk fuel system
arming system
Army air-ground system
automatic flight control system
automatic message processing system
ballistic missile early warning system
cell system
command and control system
command ejection system
command select ejection system
Defense Communications System
defense message system
Defense Satellite Communications System
Defense Transportation System
Department of Defense container system
Department of Defense Intelligence Information System
distribution system
elevated causeway system
fire control system
firing system
fixer system
Global Air Transportation Execution System
Global Combat Support System
Global Command and Control System
Global Decision Support System
global positioning system
grid coordinate system
hyperbolic navigation system
ignition system
independent ejection system
inertial navigation system
information system
infrared linescan system
inland petroleum distribution system
instrument landing system
integrated fire control system
intelligence system
joint deployable intelligence support system
Joint Doctrine Publication System
joint flow and analysis system for transportation
joint multi-channel trunking and switching system
Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
Joint Strategic Planning System
Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
laser linescan system
laser target designating system
laser target marking system
low-altitude parachute extraction system
major weapon system
management and control system (mobility)
Marine air command and control system
merchant ship communications system
merchant ship reporting and control message system
mercomms system
Military Affiliate Radio System
military grid reference system
Military Intelligence Integrated Data System/Integrated Database
missile control system
missile destruct system
missile guidance system
mobility system support resources
movement report system
multi-point refueling system
National Air Mobility System
National Communications System
National Military Command System
naval tactical data system
net, chain, cell system
nuclear detonation detection and reporting system
nuclear planning system
offshore bulk fuel system
offshore petroleum discharge system
palletized load system
palletized load system flatrack
primary imagery dissemination system
priority system for mission requests for tactical reconnaissance
receipt into the supply system
requirements management system
sea surveillance system
secondary imagery dissemination system
secondary wave breaker system
sequenced ejection system
standard positioning system
tactical airfield fuel dispensing system
tactical command, control, communications, and computer system(s)
tactical event system
tactical information processing and interpretation system
target system
target system assessment
target system component
terrain avoidance system
terrain clearance system
terrain following system
theater distribution system
transportation system
United States Signals Intelligence System
warden system
wartime manpower planning system
weapon system employment concept
weapon system video
weapon(s) system
world geographic reference system
Worldwide Port System


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