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Found 77 terms similar to target

air target chart
Air Target Materials Program
air target mosaic
area target
charged demolition target
deception target
demolition target
gun-target line
high-payoff target
high-payoff target list
high-value target
joint integrated prioritized target list
joint target list
laser target designating system
laser target designator
laser target marker
laser target marking system
laser-target line
laser-target/gun-target angle
moving target indicator
observer-target line
observer-target range
on-call target (nuclear)
opportunity target
perishable target
pinpoint target
planned target (nuclear)
preliminary demolition target
prewithdrawal demolition target
primary target
reserved demolition target
restricted target list
scheduled target (nuclear)
special interest target
stockpile to target sequence
target acquisition
target analysis
target approach point
target area of interest
target area survey base
target array
target audience
target base line
target bearing
target classification
target complex
target component
target concentration
target critical damage point
target data inventory
target date
target discrimination
target dossier
target folder
target information center
target intelligence
target list
target materials
target nomination list
target of opportunity
target overlay
target pattern
target priority
target range
target response (nuclear)
target signature
target stress point
target system
target system assessment
target system component
time on target
time over target (nuclear)
time over target conflict
time to target
uncharged demolition target
weapon-target line


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