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18 definitions found for BSR

BSRBankers' Selling Rate (airlines)
BSRBarrett Sniper Rifle (US Army)
BSRBase Spares Report
BSRBase Structure Report (US DoD)
BSRBase Support Radio
BSRBasic System Release
BSRBâtiment de Soutien de Région (French: Regional Support Vessel)
BSRBeneficiary Service Representative (US DoD)
BSRBerliner Stadtreinigung (German: Berlin Sanitation; Germany)
BSRBig Sandy Rancheria (Bureau of Indian Affairs; California)
BSRBit Slippage Rate
BSRBite Status Register (NASA)
BSRBrigade Spéciale de Recherche (French: Special Research Brigade; Belgium)
BSRBudget System of Record
BSRBurster Size Reduction (hazardous waste, machine to cut projectile bursters prior to incineration)
BSRBusiness Strategy Report
BSRByte Status Register
BSRGuine Bissau Airlines (ICAO code)

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