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Found 79 terms similar to CENTER

action information center
aerial port control center
aeromedical evacuation coordination center
air defense control center
air defense direction center
air defense operations center
Air Force air and space operations center
air route traffic control center
air support operations center
air traffic control center
airspace control center
area control center
base cluster operations center
base defense operations center
battery center
center of burst
civil-military operations center
combat information center
combat visual information support center
command center
communications center
continental United States replacement center
direct air support center
direct air support center (airborne)
fire direction center
fire support coordination center
flight information center
force movement control center
fusion center
Global Patient Movement Requirements Center
Global Satellite Communications Support Center
ground observer center
helicopter direction center
humanitarian assistance coordination center
humanitarian operations center
joint air operations center
joint captured materiel exploitation center
joint communications control center
joint document exploitation center
joint intelligence center
joint interrogation and debriefing center
Joint Logistics Operations Center
joint movement center
joint nuclear accident coordinating center
joint operations center
joint patient movement requirements center
joint rear tactical operations center
joint reception center
joint search and rescue center
joint search and rescue center director
logistic and movement control center
message center
Meteorological and Oceanographic Forecast Center
movement control center
movement report control center
National Military Joint Intelligence Center
naval gunfire operations center
Navy tactical air control center
operations center
patient movement requirements center
rear area operations center/rear tactical operations center
regional satellite communications support center
rescue coordination center
signal center
supporting arms coordination center
survey information center
tactical air command center
tactical air control center
tactical air direction center
tactical air operations center
tactical operations center
Tanker Airlift Control Center
target information center
telecommunications center
transport control center (air transport)
unconventional assisted recovery coordination center
unit movement control center
United States Civilian Internee Information Center
United States Prisoner of War Information Center


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