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37 definitions found for CF

CFCanadian Fighter
CFCanadian Forces
CFCareer Field
CFCausal Factor
CFCauseway Ferry (US DoD)
CFCenter Fire (Ammunition)
CFCenter Funded
CFCentral Files
CFChaplain to the Forces
CFCharlie-Foxtrot (slang for Cluster Flock; polite form)
CFCienfuegos (postcode, Cuba)
CFClearance Facility
CFCluster Foulup (polite form; military slang)
CFCoalition Force
CFCodice Fiscale (Italian: fiscal code)
CFCommon Formats (United States Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005)
CFCommon Functions
CFCommonwealth Funding
CFCommunications Flight
CFCompact Flash
CFCompartmented Facility
CFConstituição Federal (Brazil; Federal Constitution)
CFConstructed Fare (airlines)
CFConstruction Flagman (NYC Transit Authority)
CFCopy(ies) Furnished
CFCountermeasure Factor
CFCourt Filing
CFCovering Force
CFCritically Factor
CFCustomer Furnished
CFDrift Error Confidence Factor (US DoD)
CFFlying Deck Cruiser (US Navy)
CfFrictional Resistance Coefficient
CFImagery and Geospatial Community Management Office (NIMA)

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