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74 definitions found for CSC

CSCCadet Squadron Commander (Civil Air Patrol)
CSCCalifornia Service Center
CSCCalifornia Sheep Commission
CSCCaptain Sea Cadets
CSCCardinia Shire Council (Australia)
CSCCenter for Surface Combat
CSCCenter of Scientific Computing (Finnish Center for High-Performance Computing and Networking)
CSCCenter Staff Chaplain
CSCCentral Security Control (US Air Force, Security Forces)
CSCCentral Switching Controller (PCS)
CSCCertificate of Stewardship Contract (Philippines)
CSCCertificate of Substantial Completion
CSCCertified Security Consultant
CSCChange Schedule Chart
CSCChange Steering Committee (various organizations)
CSCChesapeake Systems Consultants (Marietta, GA)
CSCChief Commissaryman (Naval Rating)
CSCChief Culinary Specialist (US Navy)
CSCChild Support Collector
CSCChild Support Committee (various locations)
CSCCincinnati Service Center
CSCCivil Service Club (Singapore)
CSCCivil Service College (Singapore)
CSCCivil Service Commission
CSCCivilian Supervisors Course
CSCCivilian Support Center
CSCClient Support Center
CSCCoastal Sea Control
CSCCoastal Surveillance Center
CSCCollective Security Council (various nations)
CSCCombat Support Center (US DoD)
CSCCombat Support Company
CSCCombat System Console
CSCCombat System Coordinator
CSCCombined Synchronization Cell
CSCComité Supérieur de Contrôle (French: Superior Control Committee; Belgium)
CSCCommand & Staff College
CSCCommand and Staff College
CSCCommand and Staff Course
CSCCommand Senior Chief
CSCCommand/Community Support Center
CSCCommander in Chief’s (CINC’s) Strategic Concept (US DoD)
CSCCommercial Space Center (NASA)
CSCCommodity Software Change
CSCCommon Service Centre (India)
CSCCommunication System Control
CSCCommunity Support Center (US DoD)
CSCComprehensive Science Catalog (US Geological Survey)
CSCComputer Security Center
CSCComputer Service Center (AMSEC)
CSCComputer Systems Command
CSCConfiguration Status Control
CSCConspicuous Service Cross (New York state)
CSCContingency Support Center (NASA)
CSCContract(ing) Services Company/Corporation
CSCConvention for Safety Containers
CSCConvention on Supplementary Compensation (nuclear agreement)
CSCConventional Selection Combining
CSCConventional Systems Committee (DAB)
CSCConvertible Static Compensator
CSCConvoy Support Center
CSCCore Support Capability
CSCCorps of Staff Cadets (Australian Army)
CSCCorps Support Command
CSCCost and Schedule Control (US DoD)
CSCCour Suprême du Canada (Supreme Court of Canada)
CSCCreeping Line Single-Unit Coordinated (US DoD)
CSCCrime Scene Coordinator
CSCCriminal Sexual Conduct
CSCCriticality Safety Committee
CSCCryptologic Support Center
CSCCustomer Supply Center
CSCCyngor Sir Ceredigion (UK)

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