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22 definitions found for PPI

PPIPartito Popolare Italiano (Italian Popular Party)
PPIPermanent Partial Impairment (worker's compensation)
PPIPersonal Protection Index (hazard identification)
PPIPersonnel Point of Impact (military paradrop)
PPIPersonnel Process Improvement (US Army)
PPIPlanned Position Indicator
PPIPlant Production Inspectorate (various locations)
PPIPolicy, Planning, and Innovation (US Department of Education)
PPIPOM Preparation Instructions
PPIPort Partnership Initiative (US DHS)
PPIPredicted Point of Impact (airdrop mission computer)
PPIPreliminary Placement Interview (US FEMA)
PPIPreservation & Packing Instructions
PPIPrimary Power Interface (NASA EHF communications)
PPIPrivate Property Impound (law enforcement)
PPIProcessor to Processor Interface
PPIProcurement Package Input
PPIProposal Preparation Instructions
PPIPublic and Patient Involvement (National Health System; UK)
PPIPublic-Private Infrastructure
PPIPublic-Private Initiative
PPIPublic-Private Investment

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