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Found 151 terms similar to control

administrative control
aerial port control center
aeromedical evacuation control officer
aeromedical evacuation control team
air control operations
air defense control center
air intercept control common
air mobility control team
air raid reporting control ship
air refueling control point
air refueling control team
air refueling control time
air route traffic control center
air traffic control and landing system
air traffic control center
air traffic control clearance
air traffic control facility
air traffic control service
airborne early warning and control
aircraft control and warning system
aircraft monitoring and control
airlift control team
airspace control
airspace control area
airspace control authority
airspace control boundary
airspace control center
airspace control facility
airspace control in the combat zone
airspace control order
airspace control plan
airspace control sector
airspace control system
amphibious control group
approach control
area control center
area damage control
arms control
arms control agreement
arms control agreement verification
arms control measure
artillery survey control point
automatic flight control system
central control officer
centralized control
change of operational control
coastal sea control
combat airspace control
combat control team
command and control
command and control system
command and control warfare
command, control, communications, and computer systems
common control (artillery)
container control officer
contamination control
control (intelligence)
control area
control group
control of electromagnetic radiation
control point
control zone
damage control
decentralized control
disaster control
emission control
emission control orders
evacuation control ship
fire control
fire control radar
fire control system
force movement control center
Global Command and Control System
ground control
helicopter control station
high value asset control items
high-density airspace control zone
hi-value asset control item
incident control point
integrated fire control system
international arms control organization
inventory control
inventory control point
issue control group
joint communications control center
Joint Mobility Control Group
land control operations
landing zone control
landing zone control party
load control group
logistic and movement control center
management and control system (mobility)
Marine air command and control system
maritime control area
materiel control
merchant ship control zone
merchant ship reporting and control message system
minor control
missile control system
movement control
movement control center
movement control post
movement control team
movement report control center
naval control of shipping
naval control of shipping officer
naval control of shipping organization
naval port control office
Navy tactical air control center
net control station
node/command, control, communications, and computers node
operational control
operational control authority
pathfinder drop zone control
pathfinder landing zone control
penetration (air traffic control)
photogrammetric control
positive control
primary control officer
primary control ship
primary flight control
procedural control
returned to military control
riot control agent
riot control operations
sea control operations
shipping control
shore fire control party
SIGINT operational control
space control
special operations combat control team
special operations command and control element
stock control
supply control
survey control point
tacit arms control agreement
tactical air control center
tactical air control party
tactical command, control, communications, and computer system(s)
tactical control
Tanker Airlift Control Center
tanker airlift control element
terminal attack control
terminal control
terminal control area
traffic control police
transport control center (air transport)
two-person control
unilateral arms control measure
unit movement control center


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