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operations security measures
Methods and means to gain and maintain essential secrecy about critical information. The following categories apply. a. action control - The objective is to eliminate indicators or the vulnerability of actions to exploitation by adversary intelligence systems. Personnel will select what actions to undertake; decide whether or not to execute actions; and determine the "who," "when," "where," and "how" for actions necessary to accomplish tasks. b. countermeasures - The objective is to disrupt effective adversary information gathering or prevent their recognition of indicators when collected materials are processed. Use diversions, camouflage, concealment, jamming, threats, police powers, and force against adversary information gathering and processing capabilities. c. counteranalysis - The objective is to prevent accurate interpretations of indicators during adversary analysis of collected materials. This is done by confusing the adversary analyst through deception techniques such as covers.


Source: US DoD Joint Publication 1-02, DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (as amended through 9 June 2004).


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